3D Modeling Services for NYC Commercial, Industrial & Medical Industries in NYC

Cadsourcing 3 dimensional modeling services will not only help you to reduce the fabrication error but will assist you to save many hidden and fabrication rework cost.

3D Modeling services we expertise in are:

  • Pipe Support Design
  • Skid Fabrication Modeling
  • Detailed Structural Modeling
  • Spool Modeling
  • Piping and Routing
  • Collision Detection and Analysis

We follow ASME, DIN and ISO standards! We work with Slip-on, Welded and Threaded Flanges including all type of pipe schedule and socket weld fittings.

Benefits of 3D Modeling:

  1. Early detection of conflicts
  2. Simplifying handling and installation risk
  3. Fastest turnaround time
  4. Easy interchangeability of supplier components
  5. Help reduce installation and erection time

Cadsourcing holds vast inventory of 3D models on supplier components coming from Grundfos, American Wheatley, Swagelok, Rosemount, SMC, Parker, Apollo, McMaster, Fil-Trek, Dayton, Pentair and much more.

3D Modeling
3D Piping Modeling

Cadsourcing will assist you to develop 3D model by using latest software and engineering standards:

Our 3D Modeling services include:

  • Conversion of hand drawn sketches, concept drawing into 3D model
  • Generating multi section 3D model
  • Creating Configuration
  • 3d Model on part and assembly drawing
  • Exploded 3D assembly
  • Assembly interference check

Industry we serve:

  • Commercial product
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Consumer Product
  • Medical Equipment
  • Semiconductor

Software tools we expertise are:

  • 3d Modeling
  • Surface Modeling
  • Sheet Metal and Flat patterning
  • Electrical and Tube Routing
  • Piping