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Updating your Property’s Survey Plan

    Updating your Property’s Survey Plan

    Land surveys are an important process of evaluating the physical state and the associated rights of a property, and function as far more than a simple establishment of the borders of a section of land. Even if the boundaries of a parcel of land remain constant, the manner of use of the property and even adjacent properties can change over time and must be accounted for. Outdated land surveys do not reflect any of these new changes and are thus ineffective in many legal transactions regarding a specific property.

    What Could Change?

    There are many aspects to a property and the surrounding properties that can be altered over time that call for an updated survey plan. New buildings could have been built, either in a city or residential setting, that inadvertently encroach upon an existing property line. The property lines of a piece of land could be altered as well; for example, a street widening project could occur in front of a property, reducing the foremost boundary of the property by the equivalent amount of the widening.

    Who Should Perform A Survey Update?

    Updating a land survey plan involves the reassessment of the features and information displayed in a previous survey so that they accurately reflect the current state and boundaries of the section of land. It is highly recommended that the surveyor of the original plan performs the updated land survey, as this requires significantly less work and cost for both the surveyor and the client. A surveyor who has previously surveyed a parcel of land will not only already have possession of the preexisting survey plan and the associated knowledge that comes with it, but will also be more like to perform the work at a discounted rate given the reduced time it will take to resurvey and the desire to maintain a business relationship with an existing client.

    The Many Applications of an Updated Survey Plan

    There are many scenarios in which an updated survey plan is either legally necessary or allows for a much easier process for whichever transaction is required. Buying or selling a property should only be done with an updated survey plan. Someone who is buying land would not want to receive less land than what they’ve paid for and are legally entitled to, and someone selling a piece of land would want an accurate assessment of the property to determine a reasonable base price and to also ensure the buyer receives the exact amount of land they are entitled to.

    Applying for a building permit often benefits from, if not requires, an updated survey plan. It is imperative for a contractor or residential landowner to be fully aware of the property lines of both their own property and the adjacent properties to avoid any future disputes with neighbors or city officials.

    In the same vein, an updated survey plan is invaluable in resolving existing disputes over property boundaries, as it provides both parties a distinct legal presentation of the boundaries in question.

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