3D Real Estate Walkthroughs Are Upping The Game

3D Real Estate Walkthroughs Are Upping The Game

    Improvements In 3D Real Estate Technology

    Improvements in 3D Real Estate Technology have been having a big impact on the real estate industry and how people are able to visualize both existing and future properties. With today’s technology, architects, designers, builders, and realtors can show their 3D Real Estate designs to their clients as they would appear in the real world. Virtual Reality makes this possible even if the property has not been built yet, while Augmented Reality can be used to show proposed changes or enhancements to existing properties would look.

    Many of people can have trouble visualizing an end product or proposed changes from just a set of 2D drawings or pictures in a brochure or catalog, and while a 3D model can help visualize the product itself, it does nothing to help you visualize that product in its actual end environment. That’s where 3D Real Estate comes in.

    Let’s say you bought a beautiful lakefront lot to build your dream home on but you can’t decide which color siding, brick or stucco to go with or which roof style you should choose. Augmented reality can be used to review all of your options, seeing exactly how the different colors and textures work with the actual landscape and surroundings of your lot. Augmented reality could be used to show you how different furniture options would look in each room of your home. You can even look at how different paint colors and schemes would look inside your existing home.

    3D Real Estate also means that Virtual Reality could be used to enable a user to “walkthrough” their proposed property and/or addition. These virtual walkthroughs are an immersive way for consumers to experience 3D Real Estate online. A 3D Walkabout 3D virtual tour is the ultimate open house; it’s an online experience that lets consumers move through a property and see it from any angle. You can also vary the times of day or year of these virtual tours, giving users an understanding of how lighting affects different spaces of the property at those given times.

    The advancements in 3D Real Estate mean that viewers can virtually walk through a property from anywhere, at any time, with any device such as a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. They can also experience and evaluate different construction options, furniture choices and layouts and much more. Ask the experts at CADsourcing how 3D Real Estate can help with your properties and your bottom line.

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