5D BIM is Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

5D BIM is Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

    Benefits of Integrating 5D Technology

    5D BIM Brief Overview

    The term 5D BIM stands for five dimensional building information modeling. In other words, it is a real-time development of fully defined building components within a model. It allows for more experienced users to demonstrate how changes in aspects such as materials and layouts can influence not only the physical appearance, but also the planning and cost of construction.

    Nimble Early Design Conceptualization

    Traditional early design conceptualizations are often focused on getting to a design freeze. After which point, the design is no longer subject to iterations. However, early-stage drawings tend to not be precise enough to generate a successful frozen design. This usually results in project delays and eventually necessary design changes.

    By using 5D BIM, teams can get buy-in from owners, architects, engineers, and construction builders at the very early stages of the design. This helps to get input in order to avoid pitfalls later on. Everything from physical appearance to cost and scheduling can be discerned from a 5D BIM.

    Benefits to Using 5D BIM

    5D BIM’s primary usefulness comes from its ability to realize every aspect of the project, from square footage to timing and layouts. 5D BIM allows for a much more comprehensive informed decision when planning and executing a project. Specifically, 5D BIM provides visual and data modeling capabilities useful for determining the efficiency through a project scope.

    Parametrically defined formulas allow for recalculation when tweaking the inputs. In addition, the project team benefits from a comprehensive understanding of how different changes directly impact the output. This allows for a reduction of speculative questions by enabling changes to be ranked and evaluated via quantitative measures.

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