MAP & Civil 3D For Fiber Optic Route Surveys

Installation of a fiber optic infrastructure is a common challenge for many companies when they are faced with the task of building. One may find this construction especially daunting for those unskilled with the process. 

When taking fiber optic route surveys, keep in mind the following:

  • Determining the type of communication system
  • Geographic layout
  • Transmission equipment
  • The required fiber network

To complete a successful project, these surveys and construction plans are critical. CADSourcing can do it all – the experts in AutoCAD MAP & Civil 3D for fiber optic route surveys and construction planning.

Why Choose CADSourcing for Fiber Optic Route Surveys & Construction Plans

Important critical features are included in the proposed fiber optic cable route drawing, showing information about terrain details, obstacles, and quantities with a proper route survey. This leads to a valuable cost predictor and implementation guide for the entire process. CADSourcing also provides the expertise needed in construction plans for trenching, coupling, backfilling, fiber optic cable pulling, and fiber optic cable termination from proposed fiber-optic route surveys to drafting and drawing of the surveys. Over the years, for companies such as Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint – CADSourcing has successfully completed thousands of miles of fiber optic route surveys and construction plans.

How CADSourcing Works on Fiber Optic Route Surveys 

To visualize fiber optic cable networks with data from a geographic map, CADSourcing uses a computer-aided design (CAD). The benefit of computer-aided design in geospatial fiber-optic networks is binary. The integration of engineering design, as well as interactive visualization, is allowed by CAD. In a virtual model, interested parties can now view fiber optic route surveys on a geographic map. Valuable input for route adjustments is provided as well as construction plans.

Geographic information systems mapping software, aerial imaging, AutoCAD MAP, AutoCAD Civil 3D, and various owner utilized proprietary software comprises our tools.

With the latest developments in fiber optics, as the designer, it’s our job to understand the technology behind communication cabling and stay up to date. In the present time, a significant increase in bandwidth has transformed the technology landscape. Beginning with communication and ending with a satisfied client for a well-designed fiber optic route survey & planning process. 

CADSourcing Solutions for Your Construction Plans Requirements

Our route surveying techniques whirl around your long-term strategy. By streamlining your fiber optic route survey and construction plan using visualization software, CADSourcing will exceed your project expectations. Talk to CADSourcing about your upcoming project.

Ensure accurate and quality fiber optic route surveys and construction plans when you choose CADSourcing for all your requirements.

Make your design goals happen. Build your empire and make a difference.