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“Through Cadsourcing, my ambition for the business was more than just an idea to make money. It was a fulfillment of a sense of duty to help my family in the Philippines and, if successful, help the entire community at the same time. I had a dream to start a business and ultimately felt that providing long-standing meaningful jobs would be a greater benefit than any money I could handout.” Bryan E. Luoma, Founder and CEO

Who We Are

Cadsourcing began with outsourcing Computer-Aided Design (CAD) to telecoms in the U.S. and now grew to be the leading offshore team for design professionals including architects, engineers and design firms all over the world. 

With a workforce of over 50 employees composed of licensed civil engineers, project managers, sales staff, and executives in the Philippines and the U.S., we provide cost-efficient offshore offices for design professionals with the best quality of work same as how you do it in-house or even better!

Management team

Bryan Luoma


“People” is the core of Bryan’s purpose. He wants to see both his employees and clients thrive, which is why he continues to add value to Cadsourcing’s services and talents through rewarding work experiences for his people and the businesses they serve.

Born to a Filipino mother, Bryan was raised in a blue collar mining community in Northern Minnesota where he graduated from high school and then came east for college where he attended Rutgers University and earned a degree in Civil Engineering. 

Today, Cadsourcing employs over 50 employees with a good compensation and benefits and satisfied clients in and across the United States.

Dean Mason


When it comes to the technical side of things, Dean is your man.  Dean’s strong background in multiple engineering disciplines such as wireless telecommunications, construction, automotive, civil, mechanical, industrial, and forensics engineering makes Cadsourcing ready for any type of design project that comes their way.

Dean caters to Cadsourcing’s multiple projects including governmental compliance projects, manufacturing engineering projects, supplier or vendor partnership projects, and new product development programs. He also manages project teams on multiple projects concurrently. He directs and balances daily workloads of engineering department employees and provides management regarding contract builds and on a wide array of commercial and industrial products at cost-effective terms.

Jude Deseo

Director for Philippine Operations

A hard worker and intuitive designer, Jude shares a comprehensive background in business operations as well as the technical side of outsourcing CAD. He has worked for over 20 years handling key leadership and management positions in different organizations which have honed him in the field. 

Passionate in providing excellent service to clients, Jude oversees the entire operations of Cadsourcing in the Philippines and leads the employees from the team lead to the CAD specialists. He also ensures the smooth flow of operations, delivering quality drawings to clients and meeting their requirements at the fastest time possible.

Clarence Rivera


Highly motivated and results-driven, Clarence is the brings the balance that the Cadsourcing needs to perform at its best. Clarence possess a great wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to telecommunications and the construction fields. Clarence started out his professional career in the 80’s working for Ameritech Mobile (now AT&T), one of the original 7 Regional Bell Operating Companies in the U.S. as a System Performance Engineer.

Clarence’s experience as Chairman of the Board in the medical industry also gave him a better understanding of how businesses operate in terms of capital required and the revenue they get from their products and services. 

CEO’s Statement

I set up this company because I firmly believe that we can do it better. We can compete globally. I believe in the capacity of Filipinos to outdo the current standard, Oftentimes, there’s this rabbit hole of self-limiting beliefs that we or other people place on us, but we know deep down that we were made to excel.

Whether you’re a small firm or developing one, you have the choice to succeed with the best resources. The best asset you can find is people—they drive and determine the course of your goal. If you have a highly skilled and motivated team, you can achieve anything!

It’s our mission at Cadsourcing to see you grow not just in sales, but in your capacity to take on more people with grit knowing that you’re constantly delivering the best for your clients and your team.

We want you to strike gold with every single move, and that’s why we’ve prepared the best talents, carefully thought-out process and fail-proof strategies through our offshore design office solutions and specialized design services.

We look forward to the best version of your business! Partner with Cadsourcing and watch your design goals grow over time.

Bryan Luoma
President and CEO

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