CAD Conversion to BIM – Convert your CAD Files or PDF Files to Revit BIM for New Construction, Retrofits & Remodel Projects in NYC

Many organizations and businesses are choosing to engage in new construction, retrofits, and remodels thus leading to an increase in need for converting CAD to BIM. Our BIM experts can convert your existing CAD files or pdf files to Revit BIM (Building Information Modeling) models. The major benefit of a CAD Conversion to BIM is that it offers detailed as-built information that can be used for later needs such as building commissioning and on-site management needs such as maintenance. This particular niche service we provide is used by many for buildings that have been constructed and are currently operational. Research must be conducted to learn the present condition of the building along with any maintenance needs, added features, or other upgrades or changes that may have occurred in its lifespan. In some circumstances, buildings that are young — typically five years old or newer — are easier to convert since the CAD files and associated documentation are usually readily available.

CAD Sourcing offers full support to our clients for transitioning to BIM. We can prepare the models using your template models and families to fit within your BIM standards, ready for your design team to work on. Leverage our expertise to accomplish this work and free up your designers for the more important work in your office.

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