CAD Architecture In Large Scale Building Design

CAD Architecture In Large Scale Building Design

    Mastering CAD Architecture For Today’s Building Designs

    A lot of time and effort goes into designing a large-scale architectural building project. Architectural design means taking the building concept and vision of the designer through a series of steps, working to figure out how all the individual components and elements of a design work together. These steps can include, but are not limited to:

    • Schematic Design: This is the initial design phase and is typically very high-level and basic. Multiple iterations are typically developed to address different needs, styles, and functionality.
    • Design Development: After one of the iterations is chosen, an architectural designer will develop it fully, addressing form, fit, and function. Client revisions are fairly common during this phase.
    • Bidding Documents: Bidding is the process that an architect or owner uses to select a general contractor for the building project. Bid documents contain construction information and technical specifications. They are given to multiple contractors that then bid on the project by responding with a cost and lead time to complete the project.
    • Construction Documents: These are the final documents that are given to a general contractor which are chosen after the bidding process is finalized. They are very detailed drawings, explaining exactly how the structure should be built.
    • As-Built Drawings: Inevitably, most architectural building projects run into obstacles during the construction phase, and steps must be taken to address the obstacle, in which the design may need to be modified. As-built drawings document the true final state of the building with any design changes incorporated into the drawings.

    In the days before CAD was used in architectural design, all of the drawings and documents required from the schematic design phase – all the way through the construction and as-built phases were drawn by hand. Changes and revisions along the way often meant having to start over from scratch with a drawing.

    Architectural CAD systems have completely changed the way architectural designers work and collaborate. Architectural CAD software has given architectural designers the ability to make quick and efficient changes at any phase of a design project, without having to start the entire project over. Many CAD systems have created enhanced options or services that would not have been possible before.

    One of Cadsourcing’s premier services is Architectural CAD. Reach out to them to see how they can use the power of Architectural CAD to help you with:

    • 2D Drafting and 3D Modeling
    • Animations and Walkthroughs
    • BOMA and CAFM Services
    • CAD Conversion Services
    • Rendering Services
    • Civil Drafting and 3D Modeling
    • Land Survey Drafting Services

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