New Office Grand Opening

Cadsourcing New Office Grand Opening

    Cadsourcing New Office Grand Opening


    No one could stop us from soaring high! – On April 30th, Cadsourcing held its official Grand Opening ceremony at its new headquarters located at The Greenery, in Cebu City, Philippines. The company’s new location is the second office in the Philippines.


    Events included an office blessing, meet and greet with the Cadsourcing CEO and Founder, Bryan Luoma,  and a showcase of program presentations paired with good food.


    Approximately 150 people attended the event, including community members, school administrators from the schools we had offered scholarship programs, office equipment suppliers and partners, legal consultants, the management, team members, local politicians and more.


    CEO and Founder Bryan Luoma addressed the crowd, quoting and recognizing the contribution of everyone in this new venture. He closed the ceremony with a champagne toast for more success in the future.


    “Indeed, no one can put a good man down as well as a man who never gives up on scaling new heights! “


    Cadsourcing CEO Bryan Luoma on his State of the Company Address.


    Drafters got the grove on their team presentation.


    Drafters in unison.


    Cadsourcing employees are having a good time during the New Office Grand Opening program.


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