Cadsourcing spends time with the children cancer survivors of Everlasting HOPE

    by: Pinkee Vie Mag-aso

    PM Assistant


    The great Sir Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” True enough, Cadsourcing experienced this last May 6, as its employees visited the children cancer survivors of Everlasting HOPE Center.


    Cadsourcing CEO Bryan Luoma led the group in meeting with the children and their loved ones who were present in the center. Together, both children and adults engaged in fun, inspiring activities. These ranged from painting the walls of the center and doing an art activity with the kids, to the giving of gifts and distributing free food from the “it’s free food stalls.” Everlasting HOPE is a non-government organization which reaches out to children with cancer coming from Cebu, Philippines and its nearby islands. Its primary focus is to help these children and their families through providing:

    1) Access to medical resources

    2) Emotional and spiritual care

    3) A home away from home through a temporary shelter for the child and family, while the patient receives medical care in Cebu


    The foundation helps the children and their families through coordinating healthcare resources and connecting them to various agencies, organizations and medical teams. Everlasting HOPE provides the much needed emotional and spiritual care, in addition to rounding up the support of the community around an affected family. 




    Through its “Cadgiving” initiative, Cadsourcing has been to several Cadgiving places through the years. Everlasting HOPE is one of them. The company has made it a priority to pursue humanitarian efforts like this, and wishes to support the efforts that will improve the quality of life of the communities the employees live, work and care for. 


    Besides the form of financing, Cadsourcing employees also donated their time and talents for a variety of activities. For instance, the company hosted the foundation’s Christmas party and gift-giving last year. Cadsourcing promises to continuously support the foundation, as it is set to come back for another Cadgiving activity. 


    American civil rights activist Maya Angelou said it best: “I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”



    In every Cadgiving activity the company initiates, it never fails to touch the employees’ hearts, making each and every member of the team feel overwhelmed with gratitude. The company’s actions do not only benefit those on the receiving end. Every participant gets experience that personal sense of joy and fulfillment through their contributions to the community.


    Cadgiving has already become a habit, a habit to give back even with the smallest of contributions. The trait of generosity will begin to feel more and more natural for the employees, as Cadsourcing’s core value of “Die-Hard Service” will be instilled in them. Cadgiving activities motivate the employees as they are now even looking forward to the next one. Cadsourcing employees have expressed their full support for the causes and programs—foundations like Everlasting Hope—knowing that every good deed will have a great, positive impact on the different communities and all of the people who live there.


    Cadsourcing believes that by enabling their employees to contribute in making 

    communities stronger and healthier, it not only benefits the community but also the employees and the company.


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