Civil 3D Features That Improve Efficiency This Year

Civil 3D Features That Improve Efficiency This Year

    Everything You Need To Know About Civil 3D 2019

    3D CAD has become widely used in civil engineering, with its ability to help make designing and engineering sites and structures that much easier. Things like buildings, bridges, roads, drainage systems, pipelines, dams, intersections, and more can be designed with accuracy and speed when utilizing a civil 3D CAD system. Editing or revising designs and construction documents are also easier when a civil 3D CAD system is used.

    Civil 3D CAD systems can create 3D models and then photo-realistically render them to help designers and clients visualize the end result – long before ground is ever broken on the project. Civil 3D CAD also helps with the design process, allowing designers to analyze and solve design issues before they ever become problems on the job-site.

    There continue to be new and enhanced features added to civil 3D CAD systems, helping to improve the design and construction process across projects. These features have helped to make the production of design and construction documentation more efficient as well as improving collaboration, and the exchange of data between project stakeholders.

    AutoCAD Civil 3D is one of the most used CAD programs in the civil engineering industry. It contains design, analysis, and simulation tools made explicitly for civil engineering design projects. The 2019 release of AutoCAD Civil 3D includes some great new features that help with both the design and implementation of civil projects. Some of these new 2019 features include:

    • Version Interoperability: The basic file format is the same as 2018, meaning there is no problem going back and forth between 2018 AutoCAD Civil 3D and 2019 AutoCAD Civil 3D file types.
    • DWG Compare: Allows users to review changes to drawing features like 2D linework, Civil 3D objects, text, and more. This helps to ensure the latest project revisions are included in a design and also comes in handy when getting ready for meetings with clients, developers, or building and safety.
    • Views / Viewport Upgrades: Things like creating named views for more efficient model manipulation, adding views to sheet layouts, and changing the scale of viewports have all been addressed in AutoCAD Civil 3D.

    It seems like every year there are new features and more to learn or get trained on when it comes to civil 3D CAD. Don’t let that hold up your projects. Talk to the experts at Cadsourcing on how they can help you implement civil 3D to enhance your next project and improve your bottom line. Contact us today!

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