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How Effective Is Outsourcing CAD Design In The Philippines?

What qualities are you looking for in a CAD design team? Whether you need extra hands in CAD drafting or looking forward to taking on more projects with a team of expert CAD designers, you can find a cost-effective solution in Cebu and maintain your company’s standards at the same time.

Why Cebu For CAD Design?

Photo Credit: Sugbo.ph/CCLEX
  1. Flourishing CAD Talent

Cebu is the second largest outsourcing capital in the Philippines with a rich population of competent CAD Designers. According to the Philippine Regulatory Commission, 6,510 graduates passed the Civil Engineer Licensure Examination in Cebu and other cities in the Philippines on November 2019. Three of the passers who  ranked top 10 in the exam were from Cebu. 

Cebu has five universities in civil engineering and an organization of civil engineers that follows the code of ethics that uphold the integrity, honor and dignity of the civil engineering profession.

  1. Strong Structural Design Partnerships

Cebu has recently partnered with Spanish multinational infrastructure company Acciona in the construction of Cebu’s iconic bridge-way structure known as the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX). The bridge is 60% complete as of March 2021. The principal structure includes a 650-meter cable stayed bridge with a 390-meter main span between pylons.

How Do We Make CAD Design Effective For Your Business?

Cadsourcing gives you the business advantage by ensuring your productivity goals are met with the highest quality at minimal costs. 

We place high value on:

  • Quality

With Cadsourcing, you can expect our CAD designers to be as good or better than your in-house team, and that’s because we only select the best of the best CAD talents. We also have a dedicated quality control team that ensures a flawless output and a separate team for quality assurance that reviews the CAD drafting process thoroughly resulting in a final output that’s similarly done in your office. 

  • Communication

We believe that consistent and transparent communication determine the success of the project and that’s why we make an effort to regularly communicate relevant updates to our clients of the project’s progress through our in-house project managers in the U.S. who are reachable during your regular business hours. 

  • Client Satisfaction

We want our clients to reach their goals, and some ways we can achieve this is by working harder, offering cost-efficient CAD services and teams, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What’s our CAD Design Process?

  1. Organization

We highlight the client’s need, create a documentation and organize a team that could help the client reach their objective.

  1. Coordination

We coordinate with the client’s in-house staff and exchange communication for better understanding of your company’s process. 

  1. Execution

Once the CAD design team and system are all set, delegation of tasks begins and weekly progress is reported back to the client through the project manager.

  1. Delivery

Final delivery of flawless output is delivered to the client for review and approval. 

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