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Best Office Safety Design Tips for a Pandemic Proof Business

The pandemic has greatly impacted the way we work. Design processes have changed and an additional layer of protection has been added to keep our design studios safe and more productive as usual. 

What is Office Safety Design?

Office safety design uses sustainable work-friendly design plans for an office or building to minimize hazards and risks and increase work productivity and worker wellbeing. It considers modes of construction, materials to be used, maintenance, office product safety standards and office safety rules and regulations. 

Five Pillars of Office Design Safety

Just like buildings, design has a structure. It requires thorough and step-by-step assessment in order to produce quality design offices that are both safe and ergonomic. 

  • Decision Makers – they determine the products, design processes, facilities, workers and products to be used for the office safety program. 
  • Product Lifecycle – this refers to the process of acquisition to disposal of the product to ensure office product safety standards.
  • Efficient Risk Management – quality control and hazard identification are a few of the considerations needed for effective risk management in the workplace.
  • Safe Design Experience – This is the level of expertise needed in conducting office design safety.
  • Design Communication – An exchange of information needed to document each phase of the product lifecycle. 

Office Safety Design Tips to Incorporate In Your Office

  1. Place air-conditioners on ground level to reduce risks of falling and make maintenance labor easier. 
  2. Choose air conditioners with inverter technology to conserve energy costs. 
  3. Design wider windows and floor-to-ceiling clear glass panels to enhance workers’ wellbeing.
  4. Add low maintenance or artificial greenery to your office space to increase work productivity.
  5. Opt for a sliding track system to minimize falls and maintenance work 
  6. Invest in plexiglass cubicle partitions to minimize contact.
  7. Set up a schedule for regular disinfection of the building, especially in common areas. 
  8. Create an office safety manual that can be easily implemented in your workforce.

CAD Services For Your Design Studio

Office safety needs a detailed analysis. A thorough pre-production process must be set up to minimize risks and reduce operation and maintenance costs of products and design processes. Computer-Aided Design or CAD helps you plan and lay the foundation when it comes to office safety design.  

Cadsourcing’s team of experts lets you operate and maintain your office safety standards smoothly with less room for errors using state-of-the-art CAD tools and civil-minded workers.

Get the job done perfectly with our design professionals who have an extensive background in architecture, engineering, and interior and exterior design. 

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