Our New Website Features Engineering Process Outsourcing Teams

We rebranded our site and added engineering process outsourcing teams as part of our offer.

Apart from the surging demand for engineering services in the U.S., we realized it was critical for the engineering services industry to have highly competent design teams.

Engineering Outsourcing Services in the Philippines

Our offshore design teams are located in Cebu, Philippines. We specialize in civil engineering, architecture and CAD drafting. They enable your business to get quality output productively at lower costs, giving you higher returns.

Besides our engineering process outsourcing teams, we provide à la carte drafting services for on-demand and project-based CAD drafting work.

Here’s a quick preview of our new site.

Other things to explore in our new website include our COVID-19 response which gives you a closer look at how we operate amid the pandemic and the blog section where you can be updated with our current activities.

For more info on our management, you may visit the DISCOVER section.

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