The Best Reasons Why You Need To Outsource Design Work

Excellence is more than just doing your best, it’s delivering quality output through your role. We asked some of our clients why an outsourced design team is an excellent choice for businesses. 

Justin Crosson, principal land surveyor of Clark Land Surveying Inc. (CLS) shares what it looks and feels like outsourcing their work to the Philippines.

“Employees that we need beyond what fits our building, we’re relying on outsourcing.”

Crosson and his team work at Pueblo, Colorado where it was hard for them to find qualified help in their area. The other problem was that they were running out of room physically in their office for apprentices and new employees.

Outsourcing Design Work

“So, we came up with three options which were to add another office building or move to a bigger office building or go to outsourcing. Outsourcing was ultimately what we decided on,” said Crosson.

“There are qualified people out there in other countries.”

The biggest challenge for any business is to look for qualified talents that match their work standards and this is where recruitment strategies are needed.

“I think everybody in the United States that considers this has a few reservations about doing outsourcing simply because it’s someone from another country and we’re naive to what that person is capable of,” stated Crosson.

Outsourcing Domestically

CLS tried outsourcing their work domestically, but the pricing was too high.

“We had to stop it because we were losing money on our projects,” said Crosson.

Outsourcing Overseas

CLS also partnered with other firms overseas, but it didn’t work well for them. 

“We were not given the product that we expected by any means. It left a lot to be desired,” added Crosson. 

“We finally settled into the right kind of outsourcing, and it’s working well.”

Working with the Philippines

“Not only are the people we’re hiring adept to do the job but in most cases, they’re so well-educated. They’re better educated than the guys we have here locally.”

“With our Philippines staff, there is not the entitlement mentality. It’s really refreshing to work with the Filipino people. It’s great. I wish I would have done it years ago, to be honest.”

Working With Cadsourcing

Crosson expounded that working with CADSourcing’s model was not just about hiring someone for routine jobs, but getting the specialized help they need.

“We were able to hire survey or civil-minded people, and it works so well.”

Outsourced Design Team

“We knew that we weren’t going to call Cadsourcing and have a CAD solution the next day. Rather, we look at this as another Clark facility that just happens to be on the other side of the world. We also considered the outsourced design team as our employees,” said Crosson.

Outsource your design work to excellent employees and gain exponential returns. Call Cadsourcing at +1 888.851.2047.

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