How These Women In Design Impacted The World

A masterpiece is never complete without women in design that add form and flair to the atmosphere.

More and more women are now taking their organization and aesthetic skills from the home to the world thanks to women in graphic design and other specialized fields of design that have greatly impacted the world.

How Women Influenced Design 

There are a lot of women who changed the design landscape into what it is today, but we’ve picked the top four that are significant to our expertise.

  1. Lina Bo Bardi

Lina Bo Bardi is an Italian modernist architect who spent most of her design work in Brazil. She is well-known for unique architectural illustrations, furniture, and jewelry design. She co-founded the “Habitat” magazine which conceptualizes the ideal interior. Also, she helped design the interiors of the São Paulo Museum of Art and created the Casa de Vidro or The Glass House in Mata Atlantica, São Paulo.

Casa de Vidro or The Glass House in Mata Atlantica, São Paulo
(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Apart from these, the Pompéia Factory Leisure Centre became her biggest design project which was an early form of adaptive reuse of buildings. The site which was a steel and refrigerator factory was converted into a leisure center for the working population. 

The Teatro Oficina was also a notable structure designed by Bo Bardi out of painted scaffolding. 

SESC Pompeia, 1982 (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

In terms of furniture design, she co-founded founded the Studio de Arte e Arquitetura Palma to design ergonomic furniture made of pressed wood or plastic. 

She’s also fond of minimal and modern artwork reflected in her lithograph Exposição da Agricultura Paulista found in the Museum of Modern Art.

  1. Margaret Calvert
Margaret Calvert, one of the iconic women in graphic design who designed the traffic signs you are familiar with today.
(Photo Credit: Famous Graphic Designers)

Women in graphic design have been increasing in numbers and this woman started it all. Every time you are on the road. Margaret Calvert along with Jock Kinneir is the original designer of road signs. She started the designs in 1957 and was later recognized by Top Gear and received an award. She designed road sign typefaces, tyne and wear metro font, and the motorway type for junction names.

  1. Liza Crespo
(Photo Credit:

Liza Crespo is one of a few women in design and construction that focuses on sustainable design. She is one of the first Filipina architects in the Philippines to obtain a a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) accreditation by the U.S. Green Building Council. Her long line of projects includes five-star hotels and luxury residences all over the world under the well-known design firm, Brennan Beer Gorman Architects in New York. She is currently pursuing a green building design certificate from the University of Cooper Union. She has also lectured at different engineering and architectural organizations and schools in the Philippines.

  1. Anne Aarons
Photo Credit: @WeAreNetFlix Twitter

Anne Aarons is another Filipina who is Netflix’s Director of Video Algorithms. She is also mentioned as one of the most powerful female engineers by Business Insider. 

Her work in Netflix involved building software that would Netflix users to watch videos at the highest quality possible. 

Apart from this, her pioneering work in distributed video coding at Stanford University enabled her and her research group to use low complexity videos for wireless cameras and an unconventional error-resiliency method broadcasting video. 

Women in Technical Design Occupations

According to Catalyst, there are 13.9% women are civil engineers, 29% are in manufacturing, 10.0% are construction managers and 6.6% are mechanical engineers in the U.S. Employment of women in male-dominated industries also grew by 5% between 2016 to 2018.

Female CAD Drafters, Designers and Project Managers In The Philippines 

There is an influx of Computer Aided Design engineers in the Philippines with a bachelors degree and a civil engineering license to work. Most of the skills acquired by these designers include engineering design, Autodesk AutoCAD, Microsoft Office and Computer-Aided Drafting & Design.

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