Fiber Optic Networks in Commercial Real Estate

Fiber Optic Networks in Commercial Real Estate

    What Does A Fiber Optic Network Do for Commercial Real Estate?

    Whether it’s creating smart buildings or tenants desiring high-speed broadband connectivity, when it comes to commercial real estate, a fiber-optic network is the backbone.

    Today’s tech-hungry tenants require uninterrupted high-speed internet access, comprehensive phone and data systems, and other professional services such as training, support, and consultation. A survey of 150 U.S. office leasing decision makers conducted by Radius Global Market Research for WiredScore, found that a building’s internet connectivity is second only to location in importance to tenants when seeking office space.

    A Smart Building utilizes automated processes to control its systems and operations. These can include heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security, and more. A smart building does this by using sensors and other electronic components to collect data, analyze it, and then make any necessary adjustments. Smart buildings help owners, operators, and facility managers improve building and equipment reliability and performance, reducing energy use and optimizing how space is used and controlled.

    So, when it comes to bringing in broadband service, property owners and landlords usually have two options: a fixed wireless system or fiber-optic network. A wired fiber-optic connection will provide more reliability, speed, and less potential for interference.

    The “smart” movement is relatively young but growing at a rapid pace. The commercial tenant’s appetite for the highest internet speeds and best data services continues to grow just as fast. Connectivity will continue to be a critical factor whether you’re designing a smart building, retrofitting an existing building, or choosing office space. Installing a fiber-optic network can help building owners and landlords stay ahead of tenant demand and lay the groundwork for the data collection, sharing, and analysis for your smart building. Buildings with access to fiber-optic-ready office space will have a competitive advantage over buildings without this amenity.

    Talk to the experts at Cadsourcing to see what a fiber-optic network might mean for your next project!

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