How to Minimize Data Loss During CAD Conversion

How to Minimize Data Loss During CAD Conversion

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    If you work involves a design and manufacturing process, you have probably shared and received product CAD files. Since engineering a product is commonly a team driven endeavor, product development is rarely unilateral. Although sharing CAD files might seem fine, usually there is a translation or conversion step for the contents. This could be due to any number of reasons such as: people using different CAD systems, people using two different versions of the same CAD system, or people needing the non-native file for simulation purposes. Whatever the reason, data exchange usually leads to some sort of loss.

    Best Practices of CAD Conversion

    A good rule of thumb when exchanging data is to use a neutral format, such as a STEP file. All CAD software vendors are invested in making sure the data exchange through a STEP format is as authentic to the native file as possible. In addition, these other tips might be useful if you have to send a file.

    Remodel Parts

    Sometimes it is best to just remodel the part in the necessary system of choice. This can seem very time consuming up front, but it will ensure that the part models are accurate and nothing was lost due to data exchange.

    Direct Translator

    Some CAD system software have translators from their native format to that of other system software. The output can range from a generation of native CAD files to transmission files that can be imported. This is more accurate than STEP conversion, but the level of accuracy is probably not acceptable if neutral files are deemed insufficient.

    Use Collaboration Tools

    If the objective of sending over CAD files is simply to view and comment on the part, no direct design modification, then there are tools which can allow people to view models in web browsers and annotate appropriately.

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