Improve Real Estate Sales Through 3D Architecture Drawing

Improve Real Estate Sales Through 3D Architecture Drawing

    Architecture Drawing Can Give You a Leg Up Amongst Real Estate Competitors

    When you hear the term architecture drawing, you probably bring to mind a technical drawing of a residential or commercial building. While that is true, through 3D modeling and rendering, architecture drawings are now so much more. Used to develop design ideas, communicate concepts, and convince stakeholders, an architectural drawing is crucial in the beginning stages of a project.

    What is the benefit of using 3D architectural drawings?

    A useful analogy is how 3D CAD modeling benefits 2D drawings. Traditionally, a part for a product used to be drafted in 2D, generating the appropriate prints and drawings in the various views necessary with appropriate measurements and tolerances called out. 3D CAD models allow designers and engineers to communicate in a more fluid manner, whether that conversation be with other team members for project iterations or company stakeholders.

    Traditional 2D standard views used in architectural drawings include floor plans, site plans, elevation, cross section, view projections, and much more. By using a 3D architectural drawing, you are able to draw your project once and then use it again and again, building a library for any future projects as well. The 3D architectural drawing also contains everything a 2D drawing contains, just in an interactive format in one 3D drawing file. The primary benefit will be the ease of communication of ideas with others through using an interactive 3D CAD model. Realistic renderings and natural perspective demonstrations will rely less on the viewer’s spatial abilities.

    Are 3D architectural drawings significantly harder?

    People commonly assume that 3D architectural drawings require complicated computer programs. Although there is a learning curve, the software available is intuitive and powerful. The primary time saver once the learning curve is behind you is how the design ideas are able to be iterated quickly in the model as opposed to changing each view for 2D drawings. So again, the benefits are worth the time commitment and investment into utilizing 3D architectural drawings for projects.

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