Major Broadband Services

    How Do Major Broadband Services Compare?

    The phrase broadband service refers to the technology that provides us with high-speed internet access. As opposed to dial-up, services are seldom interrupted and are much faster. There are several broadband transmission technologies, which include:


    • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
    • Cable Modem
    • Fiber
    • Wireless
    • Satellite


    Several factors determine which types of broadband services might work best for your application. These factors include your location, if access is packaged with other services such as voice, telephone, and home entertainment, as well as price and availability. There are many different broadband service providers across the country. When comparing broadband services, things to consider are speed, cost, and data allowances. Based on some findings by, let’s take a look at how some of the major broadband internet services compare.


    Fiber internet

    When it comes to fiber internet, Verizon Fios came in amongst the top contenders. It’s considered one of the best options for anyone who uses the internet for more than just email and casual browsing. With some of the fastest speeds out there, Verizon Fios broadband services are great for online gamers, TV streamers, media professionals, and large families.


    Cable internet

    For cable internet, Xfinity came out on top. Serving over 41 states and delivering speeds of up to 2 Gbps, Xfinity offers basic internet as well as bundling options combining internet, TV, phone, and home security. Xfinity works best for large households wanting to bundle their services, gamers, and HD video streaming fans.


    Satellite internet

    For users in more remote locations who have difficulty receiving fiber, cable, or DSL internet, Viasat comes in as the top satellite broadband service provider. While it may not be the most efficient, satellite internet now offers speeds of up to 150 Mbps, making it competitive even against cable speeds.



    The best bundling option goes to AT&T. They own DIRECTV, making it a great way to get multiple services and gigabit speeds. If you add an AT&T wireless plan to your bill, you can have access to additional benefits like the AT&T Watch TV app, which includes popular channels, movies, and news. AT&T’s bundles are great for users that want one bill for all of their services.


    Overall Value

    As far as the best overall value, Frontier holds that title. They have three branches: Simply FiOS, Vantage, and High-Speed Internet, bundling with DISH TV. Frontier’s value really shines when it’s bundled with TV, internet, and home phone. Users who prefer Frontier for its value include; high data users, those streaming, gaming and file sharing, users that don’t want contracts, and those requiring fast fiber speeds.


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