Conversations In The Boardroom Series

EPISODE 1: “Benefits of Outsourcing Drafters for your Company”

For our first episode, our CEO, Bryan Luoma talks about how he polished the different benefits of this move so that CADSOURCING clients are able to ramp up their volumes for their projects.  

EPISODE 2 : “Outsourced Employees vs. Freelancers vs. Regular Employees: Which is Better?”

Freelancing vs Outsourcing: Connected but not the same.

These two words hold two opposite position in terms of meaning and functions but the end goal is still the same.  Let Bryan explain to you on the difference and how can one help you grow your drafting.

EPISODE 3 : “Factors to Consider When Outsourcing”

There are many factors to consider when you go the outsourcing route.

Here, Bryan talks about how advantageous outsourcing can be to businesses because it helps them reduce their labour costs by a significant margin.

EPISODE 4 : “Quality Control”

Quality control is a process by which our drafters review the quality of all factors involved in a certain project.

EPISODE 5 : “Client Base & Job Sizes”

We’ve had clients that has been with us for years, and we have clients that we just started with and has been continuously given us work. Many of them also started out as a small job with a few drafters that grew to several drafters that are working on shifts.

SEASON 2, EPISODE 1: “Advantages of Outsourcing in the Philippines”

The outsourcing industry in the Philippines is the economic lifeline for the entire South-east Asian country consisting of more than 100 people from different ethnicities.

For the last video, Bryan talks about the different advantages(and disadvantages) that he encountered while building the business from the ground up

SEASON 2, EPISODE 2: “What’s Going on in the Telecom Industry?”

SEASON 2, EPISODE 3: “Getting Started with CADSOURCING”

SEASON 2, EPISODE 4: “Is it Time to Call CADSOURCING for your project?”

SEASON 2, EPISODE 5: “Building a Remote Team and the Opportunity it Creates”

SEASON 2, EPISODE 6: “The Misconceptions of Hiring Abroad”

SEASON 2, EPISODE 7: “Behind the Scenes of the CAD Ops

SEASON 2, EPISODE 8: “Experience in the Field”

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