Meeting the CEO: Student-trainee shares experience

    by Darene Cabuenas

    Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise Trainee 


    In many large business companies, employees rarely get to see or talk to their CEOs personally. 


    “CEO” stands for chief executive officer; the highest-ranking executive manager in a corporation or organization. The CEO takes responsibility for the overall success and livelihood of the entire organization. The CEO also has the ultimate authority to make final decisions for a company. This means that the guy on top management is not merely someone that you can chat lightly with. 


    So imagine the scenario when one day, employees would be given the chance to chat with their CEO? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Indeed, this was something the we, CITE trainees, never expected to happen. Although, we are very fortunate to have had experienced this.



    Out of 15 trainees, only six of us were given the chance to talk with Cadsourcing’s CEO. It was late in the afternoon, last May 8, when the company admin gave the green light for us selected trainees to have our little talk with Bryan Louma, founder and CEO of Tahche Outsourcing Services Inc., head company of Cadsourcing.


    We were a bit anxious (but sort of excited also) on what would happen during our talk with the CEO in his office. We already knew of his busy schedules, as the US-based head was just visiting the Philippines for work.


    To make the long story short, we, student-trainees assigned in the Talisay Office, had a good time; a special moment to meet and greet Mr. Luoma, the founder and CEO himself. He introduced himself to us, and we also introduced ourselves. Talking to him was a pleasant experience; it was like you knew him already. We struggled to speak in English (as this wasn’t our native tongue) but in spite of that, he still listened intently to us. 



    As time went by, he directly pointed out what he wanted from us. He said he was curious on what would be our suggestions for the company; any suggestion that could make the drafters feel comfortable or any necessity that could make employees or trainees feel satisfied with their work. In response, we recommended what we thought would be best for the company, and how those working for the company can be benefit from these recommendations.


    As student-trainees, meeting the CEO was a one-of-a-kind experience that we will never forget. It’s fascinating that we have had this opportunity as it’s unlikely to happen every day. We are glad that Luoma gave us his time, even if it was just a minute or two. We are merely trainees in his company, but he gave us his vote of confidence, believing that we could do more; even exceed the capabilities of being just a regular drafter.


    We might not see him every day but we are grateful to have met him. Alibaba’s Jack Ma said, “A leader should be a visionary and have more foresight than an employee.” I think Luoma fits the description.


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