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Cadsourcing Levels Up With New EVP

Discover Cadsourcing’s new Executive Vice President, Clarence Rivera’s 30 year track record, leadership principles and plans for raising the standard of CAD outsourcing services above the expectations of its partners.

Hard-Earned Work Experiences

A man with hard-earned experiences working within the medical, telco and construction industry, Clarence started out his professional career in the 80’s working for Ameritech Mobile (now AT&T), one of the original 7 Regional Bell Operating Companies in the U.S. as a System Performance Engineer.

“When I went to Michigan to start out in the wireless industry, there were only 12 base stations in Michigan, that was really in the early stage in the industry. From there, I  learned how to build cell sites, attend hearings with the planning commissions, and all the questions asked by different stakeholders,” said Clarence. 

Like any rookie starting off in the business, Clarence worked his way from bottom to top gaining a wealth of knowledge as he went up the learning curve. 

“Years of experience taught me the do’s and don’ts of the industry as far as rolling out and building the network. I made a lot of mistakes back then which gave me a lot of insights on how to do the things I do now,” added Clarence. 

Clarence’s experience as Chairman of the Board in the medical industry also gave him a better understanding of how businesses operate in terms of capital required and the revenue they get from their products and services. 

Exceeding Client Expectations

Clarence is geared towards helping Cadsourcing build a strong rapport with its partners and clients by ensuring the highest standards in CAD outsourcing services are maintained and delivering the best value when it comes to communication and execution of projects. His multicultural experience working with Southeast Asian businesses also helps Cadsourcing understand the way different workplace cultures operate and seamlessly work with both international and local suppliers.

“Having a win-win attitude helped me more than anything else. When you take into account the objectives of the parties you are dealing with whether they are friends, customers, relatives and all of that, it gives you a different perspective of how to do things and it opens up your mind to a better solution where everybody wins,” said Clarence.

“What I bring with me to the company is a very strong sense of the numbers. I look at the numbers and make sure that the company is performing and we are profitable as well as providing significant value for our customers. I want to make sure everyone in the company is accountable to the success of the company and they understand that what they do is important and it matters.”

Clarence assures existing and new clients that the delivery process will be smooth and that their expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Cadsourcing is committed to being faster and better than their competition with solid 24/7 CAD outsourcing services and plans of further extending their customer base to the real estate and construction industries.

Power up your business with Cadsourcing’s superb CAD outsourcing services including CAD drafting and design. Call +1 888.851.2047 or email to info@cadsourcing.com to get a free quote on your upcoming projects.

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