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Offshore Design Firm as a Frugal Investment

Where does all your effort and profit go when it comes to design work? Maximize your productivity and profits with a cost-efficient offshore design firm.

Expand your business with an incredible pool of competent talents such as licensed engineers, architects and interior designers, and an influx of smartly-designed offices in Cebu, Philippines at an affordable price.

Why Offshore Office?

The ability to accept and deliver excellent quality projects while operating at lower costs gives you a good Return on Investment (ROI). Moreover, the right talents in a wholesome work environment creates better productivity. More than telling you what’s the right process for your business, we offer in-depth coaching for design professionals aspiring to become entrepreneurs in the design space and financial and administrative advice in making your business thrive year after year. These services are what make CADSourcing offshore offices different from regular business processing outsourcing companies. We have a specialized team of experts who understand the costs and rigorous process of managing an offshore team and maintaining an offshore office.

Offshore Office Blueprint

We secure our offshore resources from the Philippines particularly in Cebu City because of low land development costs, the abundance of Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) approved I.T. buildings, affordable labor costs and the influx of experienced talents that have multiple experience in targeted industries for design such as telecom, real estate and product manufacturing. Aside from this, English is also part of the curriculum, enabling smooth-flowing communication in your team.

The Process

Our system is made simple and easy for both startup and established design firms. We consolidate your vision and existing business model to major design trends and up-to-date market information to give you the best design office in Cebu, Philippines as possible.

Find The Best Candidates That Meet Qualifications Throush Smart Job Search Tools

Shortlist Qualified Candidates and Get Client Feedback

Hire The Right Candidate and Provide Ergonomic Offices

Follow and Apply the Company’s Structure

Engage Employees and Surrounding Community with Rewarding and Sustainable Activities

Build and nurture your offshore design office with us.