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Offshore Design Made Easier With Cebu’s Multi-Billion Dollar Projects

Cebu is a top offshore design hub with sharp, creative and hardworking designers. Additionally, Cebu is home to highly skilled and hardworking structural engineers, safety engineers, landscape architects, civil engineers, interior designers and more. Besides this, the city is a plethora of booming design projects that are similar to some of the world’s fascinating landmarks. 

Moreover, a few of these developments are joint ventures from offshore engineering design groups with international standards.

Metro Cebu Express Highway

Metro Cebu Expressway built by offshore design team in Cebu
Photo by Sunstar

Have you ever driven smoothly on a highway that’s approximately 75 kilometers long? This is now possible with the Metro Cebu Express Highway (MCEH) project that costs $20-$30 billion pesos. The project links Danao and Naga cities to cut travel time. Also, MECH will traverse the cities of Mandaue, Cebu and Talisay and the municipalities of Compostela, Liloan and Minglanilla. In conclusion, the developer will complete this project by the 4th quarter of 2022.

Seaside Arena

Seaside Arena built by offshore design team in Cebu
Photo by Wikipedia

Consequently, the Seaside Arena is a place for sports fans and concert-loving folks. This is a $300 billion-peso project by Ayala and SM on 26-hectare land. Not only this, but also, the project features the arena which has a seating capacity of 16,000 and convention towers, offices and residential condos. In addition, Ayala and SM target the year 2025 for completion of the arena.

Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX)

Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway built by offshore design team in Cebu
Photo by CCLEX

Indeed, CCLEX is one of the most awaited offshore design project in SRP. It measures 8.5 km and is already halfway to completion.

Firstly, CLEX aims to provide safe and smooth travel to boost investments in Cordova and Metro Cebu, as well as the entire province. Secondly, the iconic bridge features a lighted cross above 145 meters tall main pylons. Thirdly, Global Engineering Team Acciona, designed the novel beam launchers which is one of the key elements for construction. Lastly, Cebu-Cordova Link Joint Venture will finish project by the of 2021.

Isla Dela Victoria

The Isla Dela Victoria depicts a beachside lifetsyle with a 350,000 sq. m. integrated development that includes a casino, bars, theater, convention center, park and 3 hotels in South Road Properties. Furthermore, the multi-million dollar offshore design project is led by Universal Hotels and Resorts, Inc. (UHRI). They have invested $25 billion in the project. Isla Dela Victoria will be a hub for cruise ships, ferries and seaplanes. Also, UHRI will finish the project by the 4th quarter of 2021.

  1. Emerald Bay Mactan Resort and Casino
Photo by Craft Group

Similarly, Emerald Bay Mactan boasts of a seaside lifestyle. Developers tagged the project as the Las Vegas of Cebu. However, this 13.5-hectare site is situated in Punta Engano, Mactan. It will feature the first gaming-centered tourism development outside Metro Manila. Besides these, the grandiose project includes 830 suites, 5 luxurious villas, 1 royal suite, 1 penthouse, 122 gaming tables and 600 electronic gaming machines plus resort-style food and beverage and retail outlets. The project is owned by PH Resorts Group Holdings and is fast-tracked to be completed in 2021.

Sentosa Cebu In Cordova

Photo by Sugbo PH

Cordova is a crown jewel of investments in Cebu. One of the most remarkable projects in this municipality is the Sentosa Cebu, a similar version of Singapore’s Sentosa island, known to be a state of fun. The 1,500-hectare site will include eco-parks, golf courses, churches, cultural and civic centers, promenades, commercial centers and inland transportation. Project builder SM Group will finish the site development by 2028.

Mandani Bay

Photo By Hero Wilson

Popularly regarded as the ultimate lifestyle destination, Mandani Bay is a waterfront expansion from Mandaue to Mactan. Mandani Bay already did a head start on their 20-hectare project composed of 8 phases and 21 towers consisting of residential units, retail outlets, hotels and other lifestyle spaces. Developer HT Land Inc. has finished Phase 1 in just a short span of time. Simultaneously, they will top off Phase 2 by 2022, Phase 3 in 2023 and the remaining phases in 2026.

Ming-Mori Business Park Minglanilla

Photo by Info Cebu

Ming-Mori Development Corp. (MMDC), an affiliate of Cebu Landmasters Inc. created Ming Mori as a world-class theme park in Cebu. The project costs $6 billion pesos. Ming Mori is nestled in the municipality of Minglanilla and will feature offshore design office spaces.

Offshore Design Office Opportunities in Cebu

Apart from attractive lifestyle centers for tourism, Cebu also considered the growth of offshore design offices in its cities and municipalities. Cebu has invested business spaces for lease through Ming Mori and other hybrid office buildings in the works.

As the world prioritizes online connections in doing business, building your very own offshore design office helps you manage your business plans and keep you on track for current and future design projects. 

Build an offshore engineering design team that meets your standards or even exceeds them. 

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