Uses Of Optical Fibers

Uses Of Optical Fibers

    Uses Of Optical Fibers In Our Daily Life

    When most of us hear the term fiber optics these days, we think of the fiber optic cabling used for highspeed internet. A fiber-optic cable is made up of many strands of glass fibers. These strands are wrapped with an insulated casing that isn’t much bigger than a human hair. Optical fibers use pulses of light generated by small lasers or light-emitting diodes. They carry their communication signals, or data, from one point to another at an extremely high transfer rate. While fiber optic cabling for networking may be one of the more well-known uses, there are many other uses of optical fibers in our daily lives.

    Cable TV

    Today’s high-definition TVs require a much higher bandwidth than the TVs of yesterday. The use of optical fiber allows cable companies to deliver the highspeed data transmissions required for their customers.


    Optical fibers are fairly affordable and easy to use, which makes lighting a great use of optical fiber. There are a lot of manufactures using them in their products these days. Christmas trees and decorations are probably the most well-known.


    Optical fiber has allowed for faster and clearer communications over telephone lines, without experiencing any lag. This applies for calling within or outside of the country.


    Optical fiber is very thin and flexible, which makes it perfect for some of the specialized tools used in the medical industry. These devices are used to navigate and view internal body parts, allowing for fewer and smaller incisions. Optical fiber can also be used to provide laser technology for surgeries, endoscopy, microscopy, and biomedical research.

    Automotive Industry

    Optical fiber is widely used in automobiles these days for both interior and exterior lighting. The speed at which optical fiber cables transmit signals makes it perfect for safety systems, such as traction control and airbags.

    Mechanical Inspections

    Another use for optical fibers is in the field of mechanical inspections. It allows engineers to examine parts and structures for damages and faults in difficult to reach places. Plumbers can also inspect the internal integrity of pipes with optical fiber tools.

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