What are Solar Drafting Services from CadSourcing?

    Solar drafting services are an essential element for getting solar power from the drawing board to commercial, residential, and personal applications in a timely manner. As solar power becomes a more popular choice for many, costs for installing solar has come down as demand has increased, coupled with improved tax credits and financing options. Many companies have increased needs for drafting services — but they are also seeking different methods to accomplish these tasks — and CadSourcing is on the forefront of creating global access for skilled solar drafters, allowing solar companies to save time, money, and resources.

    What Exactly is Solar Drafting?

    Fundamentally, computer-assisted drafting is the use of computer technology for design, in effect replacing manually drafted work with an automated program. Solar drafting includes a wide range of professional disciplines as viewed from an engineering perspective, including: Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, and Architectural as some of the key players. Drafting services provide detailed diagrams and drawings of designs that span more simple systems to those which are highly complex. Solar array layouts, detailed roof diagrams, residential roof mounts, commercial ground mounts, carports, and solar farms are all part of the designs we draft into two and three dimensional information.

    As simple as it may sound, in order to create an effective solar powered system, the direction of the sun is a key consideration that must also be accounted for. A powerful tool that solar drafting offers is 3D shading analysis and solmetric calculations which allow for the proper positioning of solar panels, adding one more time-saving benefit to the long list of CAD functionality.

    The ultimate goal of CAD is to enable efficient installation for our clients, making their customers’ experience easy and smooth. Installers benefit greatly from having solar CAD because they can approach a project with an idea about how the solar array will be laid out, while also having access to dimensions. A critical component of computerized drafting is a quick turnaround for measuring energy output of a particular solar project — thanks to the speed upon which a project may be simulated. This critical information can add precious value to your proposal for your clients.


    Choose CadSourcing for your Solar Needs Today

    Any CAD company can give you a variety of reasons why CAD is beneficial for your solar business needs. A distinguishing factor by choosing CadSourcing is the ability to hire qualified drafters from a global pool of skilled professionals, with the end result of delivering quality-checked drafting at a fraction of the cost you would pay domestically. In addition to reaping the benefits of CadSourcing’s international workforce, we also allow your solar business to lower your design and labor costs, by allowing for forecasting of specific projects based on the uniqueness of the site’s attributes. As a result of these increased efficiencies, you will ease your ability to meet schedule deadlines, while staying within the bounds of your budget. At CadSourcing, we are committed to exceeding our client’s needs — because we know that if you are happy, your clients will be happy too. Call at (888) 851-2047 or visit our website at to learn more about solar drafting and how it can become a key part of your solar business’s success today.

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